Does your district make transparent spending decisions?

April 2021

California law requires that all school districts pay attention to stakeholder input – including parents – when making spending decisions. Of course being involved in that requires that parents have the ability to see how spending decisions are made and what the impact of those decisions might be.

There is nothing that impacts a schools financials as much as a decision to give themselves raises.

As we’ve seen with the recent Sweetwater troubles, having the district give itself raises without disclosing the impact of those raises on the funding available to educate our kids is not only a disaster, but verging on corrupt.

These same issues happen over and over again, in all districts. We need parents to demand that our districts “show their cards” when making these decisions. Here’s an analysis of the fundamental legal issues surrounding those disclosures – and the lack thereof – in San Diego County schools.

Transparency in K-12 School District Disclosures

Warning. It’s boring. It’s got numbers. It’s not nearly as good as a nice fireworks show. But it has far more impact on your kids education than almost anything else that happens in our schools.

Have you got a few minutes to spare so you’ll know what to look for in your own district?

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