Various articles on issues involving and important to the education of our kids will appear on this page.

Parent Involvement Resources – We know that being involved in the education of their kids is the single most important act a parent can take. Here’s how!
A Parents’ Guide to California School Funding – Where does the money we need to run our schools come from in our state? Find out!
Does your district make transparent spending decisions? – How do you know the way your district chooses to spend it’s money actually benefits your kids?
School Board Member Guide to Labor Contract Negotiations – Approval of a new contract with a labor group is one of the most consequential decisions a board member will make, involving more money than anything else the Board will do in a year. Isn’t it worth a few minutes to make sure that decision is grounded in facts and data?
How much do school district employees really make? – Do you think you know how much our education employees make? You’re likely a bit off, find out the real numbers…
Aligning Superintendent Incentives with Educational Goals – We give the CEO of companies that make toilet paper incentive to improve their organization, why do we not give our Superintendents incentive to improve the education of our kids?
Education Compensation – Latest Numbers – Do you know what your local education employees really make? The data is there, why not?
The “Me Too” Raise in Education – Wouldn’t it be nice to get a big raise for yourself just because someone else got one, without actually having to do anything? That’s how it works for school administrators….
Standardized Testing – Essential to Improvement and Accountability – Love it or hate it, it’s the only way to make sure our schools are providing the education we want for our kids.
Does Class Size Really Matter? – For years “smaller class sizes” has been number one on the wish list of parents and teachers. Does it really matter?
The controversy over “book bans” in school libraries – When is a “book ban” not really a book ban?
Carlsbad Trustee Kathy Rallings Under Investigation by Fair Political Practices Commission – When a board member can approve raises that directly benefits the company they work for, isn’t that something that should be disclosed to parents?
Weighted Credit for AP courses cannot require taking AP test – Should kids have to pay for AP tests to receive weighted credit for the courses?
Sweetwater Corruption, the neverending story‚Ķ – Regrettable that most people’s response to revelations here is “what’s new?”
Sweetwater Unified Audit Released – Details on the audit by the state Fiscal Crises Management Team (FCMAT)