Sweetwater Corruption, the neverending story…

A great write up on one of the key failures in the Sweetwater district’s financials, by San Diego School’s own Nick Marinovich.

“The district has avoided, frustrated and blown off our bond oversight committee. I have even been attacked by staff in a vicious manner unlike I have ever been in more than 40 years of public service as a volunteer.”

This is not the behavior we should be seeing from a district with known financial issues and a past history of corruption.

Sweetwater should be even more open and transparent – and willing to accept oversight – than ever before. Instead it has gone the opposite direction.

And of course the bond issues are on top of the ongoing financial problems caused largely by giving themselves raises without disclosing the impact that would have on our kids’ education.

You may not have kids in Sweetwater, but as our analysis has shown, almost all districts operate in the same way. Likely including yours.

Have you followed the bond oversight in your district, or checked out the compensation levels for them on the Transparent California website?

We need that kind of parent attention to these things – to make sure our Districts are doing what WE want for our kids.

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